Our Basic Mission:

“To create an environment in which swing and blues dancers of all levels and styles can thrive in the Detroit/Windsor area.”

The Swing Detroit Socials and Workshops are the huge steps in creating such an environment and uniting swing dancers all over southern Michigan. Swing Detroit will be having swing socials once a month and we will keep everyone posted via Facebook, on our e-mail list, and here as well.

Who are we?

The SD Team is a group of swing aficionados who invest their time and energy to put together and promote swing events for the swing dancing community. Our goal is to to provide quality instructors from both in and out of town, provide special events at our socials such as live music and fun competitions and performances from the area most experienced instructors. We strive to bring people together to recognize all swing forms.

With your support we can bring instructors/performers in from across the country and do whatever else is within our power to help the Detroit/Windsor swing dance community thrive.

We are a group who loves the music, loves the dance, we love our community; and have in us the desire to see our swing community continue to grow bigger and better!

Check out our Facebook accounts at:

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